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    Direct your potential Customers through Automated Sales funnels that will save you time, and make you money
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    Marketing Rocket builds Automated Sales funnels designed to increase your Sales & Automate your business.
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    Maximize your Online Marketing Revenue, and Minimize your costs with our All in One Tool!
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Frustrated with Online Marketing?

With the hundreds of tools and complex processes used by tech savvy Marketers today, it can be easy to get lost in a sea of information, not to mention with high ongoing subscription costs to use multiple products, its easy for Business Owners and Professional Marketers alike to feel lost, confused, and end up with an empty wallet in the process.

Marketing Rocket is the solution!

Designed as a Web Component which can install inside the Open Source Joomla! Content Management System, OR can be installed alongside YOUR website directly on your web hosting, and can even integrate with WordPress. Marketing Rocket is an All-In-One tool providing you with state of the art Marketing and Sales Automation Software. Including a Step by Step Wizard to guide you through creating your Marketing Funnel, done for you Templates, Easy Drag & Drop Landing Page Creation, Email Auto-responder Creation, a Light Weight Lead Management Tool and MUCH more.

All of this at one low cost, and NO mandatory ongoing subscription fees!

We understand the trials of Marketing ...

Marketing Rocket was created by Marketers, as a solution to cut down on the high costs involved with the numerous tools needed to run successful marketing campaigns, with the added benefit of removing the need to research, purchase and learn multiple tools/softwares. We understand the toll this can take on getting initial return on investment, especially for those new to Online Marketing.

One Tool To Rule them All!

Fully Responsive Landing Page Creation

Marketing Rocket features a fully responsive, and easy to use, Drag & Drop Template Creator. Including FREE included templates to ensure you get your campaign up and running in the shortest time possible.


Email Automation

Utilizing the Power of Sparkpost (the Mail Delivery Provider responsible for sending 25% of all mail in the world), we offer simple monitoring and delivery tracking of emails. Automate email campaigns and send email to your customers depending on the actions they take in your Sales Funnel.


Optimize for Success

Simple reporting & statistics dashboards give you access to just the data you need, without all the complexity. Know whats happening with your campaign in real-time, easily run split tests, and optimize your campaigns to be as successful as possible.

Marketing Rocket is great on desktops...
...brilliant on tablets...
and perfect for mobile!

Create a Marketing Funnel in 20 Minutes!

  • Wizard
  • Create Pages
  • Create Emails
  • Visualize Campaign

Create your entire funnel layout in just minutes, including pages, and email auto responders, using our quick and easy Campaign Wizard.

Add Pages
Add Emails
Get Started

Breeze through Page Creation using a template, then customize using our Drag & Drop page and form creators. Create High Converting Landing Pages in a snap!

Add Forms
Make Sales
Tag Leads

Create Email Auto Responders, or entire sequences, and organise them to fire off depending on a clients progress through your sales funnel. Track and monitor your open and click rates.

Simple Editor
Low Cost

Use our built in Visualizer for an easy to understand flow diagram of your Campaign. Get quick access to any item in your campaign. Monitor and optimize using an easy to understand statistics dashboard.

Time to Create a Landing Page
7 mins
Auto Responder Creation Time (3 emails)
12 mins
Review Campaign
1 min
Total Time to Create Campaign
20 minutes

*Your Results may vary, process requires a little knowledge of the software... but it is very simple to create a campaign this quick, don't believe us? Click Here to See!

Partnered with World Class Mail Delivery Providers

We are Strategically Partnered with SparkPost, the Company trusted by world-class technology leaders to send over 25% of all legitimate email. Some of SparkPosts customers include:

Imagine Launching Campaigns in Minutes!

Just imagine if you could launch highly effective and profitable Automated Sales Funnels, in just minutes, what would the extra time and money mean for your business? Using Marketing Rocket to Launch your Marketing Campaigns, you could have a fully optimized and successful campaign growing your business, bringing in more sales and leads daily, and all on autopilot!