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3 Email Subject Lines that Grab Eyeballs and Increase Your Open Rates




3 Email Subject Lines that Grab Eyeballs and Increase Your Open Rates


You are cleaning up your inbox and glancing at the subject lines to determine which one goes into the Trash folder, which one to Junk folder, and which one to retain. You come across a subject line that’s really catchy, and you pause for a second. Before you know it, you have opened the email and reading it interestedly.

That’s how powerful email marketing is. If done right, email marketing is a wonderful way to enlighten, engage and convert your audience. But, how do you stand out from the swamp of SPAM lying in your prospects’ inboxes?

Here are some really potent subject lines that can help engage your audience.

The FOMO Subject Line

FOMO, short for Fear of missing out, is a psychological trigger that puts people into action when they feel like they are missing out on something, or that you are doing something that’s straying away from normal. Personalise your subject line with your recipient’s name for greater impact.

Be sure to complement this subject line with equally attention-grabbing content in the email.

Here are some ideas.

  • Ron, where are you?
  • Are you really doing this, Steve?
  • Adam, are you making these three mistakes?

Would You Like to Unsubscribe?

Why on earth would you want to ask someone to unsubscribe?

It’s straightforward. You want prospects who are interested in hearing from you

This is a great way to scrub your list of those who are highly unlikely to engage with you. And as an added bonus, you gain the trust of folks who open your email but did not unsubscribe.

Be bold, and you will end up earning the trust of those who stay. Those who do unsubscribe would have done that eventually.

Our Little Secret for [Desirable Result]

A great way to welcome your subscribers to your list is by sharing your best content with them on day one. This ensures that your subscribers will have your complete attention every time you send them an email.

The word “secret” helps grab attention. But be sure to share “the secret” inside the email to ensure you don’t disappoint your subscribers.

Here are some great ideas.

Our Super Secret Way to Create Landing Pages in 20 Minutes

Our Secret for Creating Healthy Recipes

[Your Brand Name]’s Secret Way for Finding Lucrative Keywords

In Conclusion

Create the right subject line and see your conversion rate soar. These subject lines should give your email campaign the right start you are looking for.

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