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5 tips to optimize your Facebook strategy

5 tips to optimize your Facebook strategy

Today we present 5 tips on optimizing your Facebook strategy. A must for anyone looking to maximize their exposure and response from any Facebook strategy.




1- Call to action buttons

Call to action buttons work very well because they indicate to your audience on what you want them to do, which is very important. The only inconvenience about call to action buttons, is that for the moment, Facebook doesn't allow you to create your own. But they have a great list with call to actions buttons for almost every action that could be taken.

Here is an example of publication with call to action button that encourage people to like the page:

Art9 Img1
You can create call to action buttons with using Power Editor, or simply by creating a classic campaign with Facebook Ads. Since recently, you can also insert call to action buttons directly on the Facebook Pages.

2- Visual Resources

Images are maybe the most important resources on Facebook, images always make more conversions than text.
Because the majority of people on Facebook are here to engage with content ,it's important to offer an image that catch's their eyes and sparks their interest.

Art9 Img2
In another article on this blog we present you a free tool you can use to create your own high converting images.

3- Video content

Videos also work very well on Facebook. They attract a lot a people and encourage them to visit your website to know more about you or your products. Facebook has long understood the success of video content, so they offer to upload the videos directly on their platform and also to create video campaigns.

4- Interactions

If your Facebook Page doesn't make a lot of conversions, it's time to change your content strategy by giving more relevant and less promotional content.

Here are some examples:
- You can generate fun content related to your brand or your industry.
- Conversely, you can generate a very useful content for your targets.
- Create viral content, by asking people to tag their friends on an image you posted or by creating mini-games for example.
- Encourage the conversation by asking a question to your followers, finishing every post with a question.

5- Custom audiences

Using custom audiences for you Facebook Ads is very powerful because it's allowing you to deliver your message to an ultra specific target.

There are two ways to create these custom audiences:

- Tracking pixels:
With the tracking pixel you can identify the users that visited a specific page on your website and send them a targeted ad related to the topic they saw on your website.

With the tracking pixel it's also possible to reach your ads to people that visited another website (one of your other websites for example) or people that didn't visit your website or another website.

Here's an example: You are on the financial market and you put a tracking pixel on a page of your blog that concerns investments. Then, you can create an ad which will be sent only to the visitors of this page, and sell them one of your webinar about investments tips. You know that the audience is interested in that topic, so you propose them something related.

Here's another article on our blog detailing the use of a pixeled audience

Bonus Tip- Your own list of contacts:

Facebook also allows to you import a list of contacts (telephone numbers, email addresses, names, etc.) and to know which ones are active users of Facebook. You can then target your ads specifically to these people. For example, you import the list of people that didn't open an email and send them your message with an ad on Facebook, you double your chance to be read, creating a warmer environment for you to present your offer rather than using traditional 'cold' email or call methods, which in modern marketing yield very poor results when compared to this strategy.

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