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Add Pizzazz to Your Landing Pages with Social Proof

Add Pizzazz to Your Landing Pages with Social Proof

Add Pizzazz to Your Landing Pages with Social Proof

In this digital age, social proof is everything. In a world where everyone is claiming to offer the “next big thing”, consumers are bombarded by impressive offers. If there’s nothing to validate these offers, customers wouldn’t care.

For instance, I can claim to be the world’s best artist. However, unless you hear those very words from someone you know and trust, it won’t hold any value to you.

That’s the power of social proof.

And it can help improve your landing page conversions dramatically.

Let’s take a look at some ways you can make social proof work to your advantage on your landing page.

Tip 1 – Use Highly Convincing Testimonials

You might be offering the best product/service in the market, but your customers are better at doing one thing – promoting your brand value.

A testimonial can go a long way in skyrocketing your conversion rates.

However, any testimonial won’t just do. You need a compelling testimonial for it to have any effect. A weak testimonial can seem like it is computer generated or fake (such as “this product is wonderful”). One way to overcome this problem is to embed social media testimonials to your landing page.

Here are some crucial aspects of testimonial success:

  • Individual name
  • His Job title
  • Company name
  • Compelling image
  • Engaging quote

Tip 2 – Build Trust

The whole point of showcasing social proof is to build trust in your brand. The simplest way to achieve this is to include trust seals on your landing page.

Trust seals are symbols that you can place on the landing page to reassure your visitors that their information is protected and secure.

Trust seals are associated with SSL (secure socket layer), which signifies that your website is verified and that the visitors’ sensitive information is transmitted securely.

So are trust seals any good in building trust?

A survey conducted by Actual Insights finds that trust seals increase brand trust for over 75% respondents. In fact, more than 60% of respondents had abandoned a purchase in the absence of trust logos.

That’s the power of trust seals.


There are many ways you can use social proof to your advantage. In fact, social proof is really handy when prospective customers are not sure what to do. Be sure to leverage the above two strategies and you are sure to see your conversions improve.

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