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AdWords Headline Templates that are Super Effective

AdWords Headline Templates that are Super Effective

AdWords Headline Templates that are Super Effective

You are getting ready to set up your Google AdWords campaign. You are confident it should take no more than a few minutes. Now, you are at the section where you have to write your ad copy.

You are sure, this shouldn’t take more than a few seconds. Yet, after scratching your head for 30 minutes, you find yourself staring at a blank ad.

Fret not. We bring to you some solid AdWords ad copy templates so you can write some awesome ad copy quickly and easily.

Do You Make These Mistakes?

This is an instant attention grabber. No one likes making mistakes. So when you can show someone that you have a solution for some of those mistakes, you have a winner at your hand. Here are some examples.

Do You Make These Mistakes in Landing Page Design?

Do You Make These Copywriting Mistakes?

Do You Make These Mistakes With Your Ad Copy?

You get the drift.

Name the Problem, Solve the Problem

Name one person who loves problems. Whether you are getting married, launching your business or going on a date, we all want to stay away from problems. This template helps ease away fear.

Having Trouble Losing Weight? 3 Tips For Success

How to Build Landing Pages in 20 Minutes

Get Rid of Bad Breath Once and for All

See How Easy It Is To [Desirable Result]

Who doesn’t love easy and quick solutions, especially when it comes to gaining an advantage or learning something new? This template will grab instant attention.

See How Easy It Is To Learn New Dance Moves

See How Easy It Is To Build a New Landing Page

See How Easy It Is To Build Traffic to Your Website

If You Don’t ______ Now, You’ll Regret Later

Nobody likes the pain of missing out on something or feeling excluded. Whether it is a happening event or a steal deal, we hate it when we are left out. This template will get your audience hooked up to your ad and they’ll end up visiting your landing page soon enough.

If You Don’t Join Now, You’ll Regret Later

If You Are Not at [Event Name], You’ll Regret Later

If You Quit the Stock Market Now, You’ll Regret Later

We hope these templates come really handy in your quest for creating super effective AdWords ad copy. If you do try any of these templates, do let us know how it went. We’d love to hear from you.

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