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Are You Making These Google AdWords Mistakes?



Are You Making These Google AdWords Mistakes?

In the previous blog post, we looked at 3 fantastic ways to optimize PPC ads. In this article, we will look at some common mistakes people make when creating PPC campaigns. Be aware of these mistakes so you can steer clear of them when building your AdWords campaign.

AdWords Mistake # 1 – Keyword Stuffing

When building your PPC campaign, you might be tempted to stuff a ton of keywords into a single ad group. When you put more than 20 keywords in an ad group, achieving a message match for search queries becomes impossible.

In the absence of message match, you are simply going to drain away your PPC budget without attaining any conversions. For the ideal message match, create ad groups around a single keyword. If you think that’d be a lot of work, perhaps you can bunch together keywords in a logical manner, like how Apple does.

AdWords Mistake # 2 – Not Using Appropriate Keyword Match

Yet another big mistake marketers make is not making use of the right keyword match. The right type of keyword match helps you reach the right audience while reducing wasteful clicks.

You can add keywords to your AdWords campaign in any of the following three ways:

Broad Match – All keywords are assigned to this match option by default. With broad match, your ads will show up even for searches with misspellings and synonyms.

Phrase Match – When you choose this option, your ads will show up when the search query matches a phrase or a similar variation.

Exact Match – When you opt for this type of matching, your ads will show only for those search queries that have the exact keyword phrase.

The kind of search match you choose will make a huge difference to your AdWords campaign. Broad match ads will have more impressions, but the conversions might be low. However, exact and phrase matches usually deliver higher conversions but the impressions may be far lower.

So how do you decide which keyword match is right for you?

Begin with exact match, build your campaign from there to include phrase matches and then broad matches as necessary.

AdWords Mistake # 3 – Ignoring Negative Keywords

This is another common mistake people make. With AdWords, it’s possible to exclude keywords that aren’t a match for your product. That’s where negative keywords come into the picture.

For instance, if you are an online store selling women’s party wear, you want your ads to show up for “women’s wear” but not for searches like “women’s sportswear”.

You can add “sportswear” as a negative keyword and be sure that your ads will not display for searches that include the word “sportswear”.

Google Analytics is the best way to search for words that you want to exclude. Analytics will have in-depth information than Adwords about particular search queries.

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