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is the founder of Marketing Rocket. He Developed his first professional website at the age of 15, and has a passion for Web Technology, Marketing and Online Reputation Management.

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Resources to Help Improve Your Landing Page Content




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Tools that Help Boost Your Business' Instagram Presence




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Tools that Help You Track Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns




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Are You Making these Content Creation Mistakes?




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AdWords Headline Templates that are Super Effective

AdWords Headline Templates that are Super Effective
AdWords Headline Templates that are Super Effective

You are getting ready to set up your Google AdWords campaign. You are confident it should take no more than a few minutes. Now, you are at the section where you have to write your ad copy.

You are sure, this shouldn’t take more than a few seconds. Yet, after scratching your head for 30 minutes, you find yourself staring at a blank ad.

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