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Building a profitable Membership website with Joomla!

Building a profitable Membership website with Joomla!

Depending on your sector, memberships can be difficult to sell because the value of it is hard to explain, but never impossible, and in every case it's a really big source of money ...

But don't worry, we will show you how to sell memberships!

The important thing you have to know is that memberships are hard to sell to cold leads but really easier to people who already bought something from you, so the rule is to send memberships offers only to customers.

Let's take the example of the following funnel to illustrate that.

Art6 Img1
In this funnel we have to present the membership offer as a core offer or as a profit maximizer, so it's not the first thing that people will buy from you.

We have found that often it is ideal to offer your premium subscription at the end of your funnel as your profit maximiser, as at this point the client has been provided with alot of upfront value and is well on their way to becoming a raving fan.

In Joomla, luckily this process is made simple by a completely free component call akeeba subscriptions. ( Using the in build Joomla ACL (access control lists) its very easy to setup a premium subscription group, and then use akeeba subscirptions to take payment and alllocated those people to the group. Joomla is a dream to use for these kinds of websites and most the functionality is built straight into the CMS.

At  this point you can create pages of content only visible to those users. Just like how this website is setup for our marketing rocket subscribers. For more information and documentation on Akeeba Subscriptions see the link above. Its surprisingly easy to setup and can make sales on monthly, or one off payments using paypal and a huge list of other payment gateways, best of all its free!


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