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Creating High Converting Ads using FB Custom Audiences

Creating High Converting Ads using FB Custom Audiences

Before I start this post, I have to highlight something very important: make the right offer to the right list. That means that ads need to be as specific as possible, the more specific the ad is, the higher conversion rate is.

And the fact is, that has become really easy to do thanks to Facebook.

With Facebook Website Custom Audiences

Let's take an example to understand Facebook Website Custom Audiences ...

If we take a website that has content pages on 3 topics like:
- Surfing
- Body boarding
- Skating

These pages get traffic from search engines, native ads, e-mails and Facebook ads.
Logically, the surfers will visit pages about surfing, body boarders will visit pages about body boarding ... etc.

With Facebook Website Custom Audiences you can send ads to a list of people that visited a specific page on the website. This is really effective, as you already know that they are interested in you by visiting your website, but more importantly you know which topic they are interested in. So, you can effectively make the right offer to the right list and have high converting ads...

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Here are the steps of the things you will need to do to create an audience:
- List all the URLs of your website on an Excel document
- Match them with categories and add a keyword for each category on the Excel document
Note: These keywords will be added in every URL of your future contents, so you will not have to add each URL one by one in your website custom audiences, but only the keywords.

- Go into your ads manager on Facebook, click on "create audience" and select "Custom Audience From Your Website"
- Add a name and a description for your audience
- In "Visited", put the domain of your website
- In "and", add each URL related to this audience for your old content (stuff that comes after the .com) and the category keyword for your new content
- Create your specific ad for this audience and send it!
- Repeat the 5 last steps for each audience you want to create

Now, we play the waiting game, alternatively you can now create an ad strategy to send traffic to that content for those that are interested, its almost like building a list before actually getting a list of emails, and from testing we have found this to be far more effective. For more information on this see our very important blog post on pixeled traffic. Once we have a large enough audience, we can start sending them to our offers, if done right, these ad's should cost less, convert better and have extremely high engagement.

Remember...  Keep your offers VERY congruent and offer high value content!

Custom audiences are starting to be a game changer for us and our clients, and we hope you find them beneficial too!

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