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Four Tips for Improving Your PPC Campaign

Four Tips for Improving Your PPC Campaign

Four Tips for Improving Your PPC Campaign

Pay Per Click or PPC is the fastest way to get highly targeted traffic to your website. However, many small businesses end up making mistakes that deliver underwhelming results. A well executed PPC campaign can help boost your sales. Here are suggestions to improve your PPC campaign.  

Keywords, the Holy Grail

You want targeted traffic to your website. Yet, many business owners make the mistake of setting up ads for “broad match” keywords. Instead, you should choose specific keyword match.

What’s the difference?

Marketing Rocket Keywords Snippet

With a “broad match”, your ad will appear not only for the chosen keyword, but also for any variation your ad platform sees as appropriate. Sure, this increases your exposure, but it also brings in unrelated traffic, which is a waste of your advertising dollars.

When it comes to the holy grail of keywords, be sure to focus on exact or phrase match.  

With the addition of new voice search options on mobile devices, and this being used more and more, specific question related phrase matches are now becoming far more profitable to use too, so be sure to look for, and check for questions relating to your business, for example “What is the best marketing software to use”, as opposed to “Marketing Software”.


Test, Refine and Repeat

Viewers don’t click on every ad they come across. So, what makes them click on some ads over the others? Well, there’s no one right answer. Testing is the way.

Test multiple versions of ads to determine which ad copies perform better than the others. This is the way to maximise the ROI of your PPC campaign.

Include your target keyword in one of the ads. In another, you may try to use humour in the copy. For yet another ad, include a call to action to get them to take action.

So, test your ads and refine them until they deliver the highest ROI possible.

Send Visitors to Relevant Landing Pages

Don’t send visitors from your PPC ads to unrelated landing pages. This is completely pointless. Not only will it affect your sales process, but can also lead to lower scores on ad quality. This will increase your cost per click, and your exposure comes down when compared to advertisers with better scores.

Make sure you are sending your visitors to relevant landing pages. If need be, create multiple landing pages. You can increase ad and landing page relevance by reducing the number of keywords.

Target Your Ads

Make sure your ads are targeted. You are only bleeding money if your ads are not efficient and effective. Many PPC platforms including Google AdWords allow you to choose your target audience based on a variety of factors including location (country, state and city), time of day, and micro-geographic focus among others.

No business has money to waste, especially small businesses. So make the most of your ad spend with these nifty strategies. Use these tips proactively to improve your PPC campaign, and see the results improve in a matter of days.

Bonus SEO Rank Tip!

As we mentioned earlier in this post just briefly, phrase match keywords are being used far more frequently, and as such, are often able to yield great results when using adwords, and for SEO.

A quick SEO tip that many companies are starting to use now which is recommended by Google, is to create dedicated FAQ pages, where you will list the full question (questions that people are searching for), and offer an answer. For complex questions it is often a good idea to write a whole blog or dedicate a page to these with content and images in order to offer the best answer. This also increases your chance of being featured in a snippet. For more information on snippets, check out this article:, below we have an image example of a snippet answer found in google.


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