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Google AdWords Vs Facebook Ads



Google AdWords Vs Facebook Ads

Marketers are always looking for the best ways to increase their brand reach. When it comes to PPC advertising strategies, the number one question nagging most marketers is whether to choose Facebook ads or Google Adwords.

Should you bank on the search engine that delivers about 40000 searches every second? Or should you rely on the largest social media platform with close to 1.94 monthly active users?

So should you go for Facebook ads or Google Adwords?

The answer isn’t so simple. You need to look at some important parameters before you can pick a side. So let’s compare these two giant marketing platforms on a variety of aspects to help you choose one that best suits your needs.


Facebook adverts allow you to be highly specific about who you want to reach out with your ads. Google PPC, on the other hand, allows you to target your ads based on search keywords. When you narrow down your target audience, the cost per click comes down.

Ad Timing

Google ads are related to a search query. This means that the potential customers are looking for something that they are looking to buy. So your ad shows up only to those people who use your target keywords.

However, on Facebook, not many people are searching for products. Your ads show up to sow a seed that might deliver fruitful results in the near future.

Finding Local Businesses

If people are searching for a local business such as a cafe or a gas station, it’s highly likely that they are going to use their mobile phone. Mobile search is far ahead of desktop search. This is a huge advantage for Google, as they are betting big on mobile. Google made a lot of changes to its algorithm in the light of increased reliance on mobile devices.

Audience Engagement

When it comes to engagement, Facebook has a distinct advantage. Whereas Google offers user ratings, Facebook allows a lot of options when you want to engage your target audience. Brands can reach out to customers, answer questions, overcome objections and even provide additional information. And everybody knows what brand engagement can do to your business in terms of sales growth and customer loyalty.

The Verdict

There you go. There’s no correct answer when it comes to choosing between Facebook ads and Google AdWords. Both have their own pros and cons like we saw above. If you are looking to offer your target audience a lot of visual appeal, Facebook is your best bet.

However, for local businesses are looking for targeted leads, Google is the answer.


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