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How Anchor Tags Can Improve User Experience on Your Landing Page



How Anchor Tags Can Improve User Experience on Your Landing Page

Anchor tags allow visitors to jump to different locations on your landing page while keeping them very much on the page. Marketers all over the world have fallen in love with this technique as it’s a great way to highlight particular parts of your page, especially for landing pages where the prime goal is to persuade visitors to take action.

What’s an Anchor Tag?

An anchor tag is an element that can be placed anywhere on your landing page to send your visitors to another part of the same page. They are perfect for text-heavy or long scrolling pages so visitors can skip to a particular part of the page without scrolling so much.

An arrow pointing downwards is the most common symbol used in anchor tags. However, it could be anything you choose including your CTA button.

When a visitor clicks on an anchor link, it takes them to the section they’re most interested in without putting much effort. This improves the user experience and helps with conversions.

Anchor tags not only make it quick and easy for visitors to navigate your page, they also act as visual cues that point towards the elements that are crucial to conversions.

You can use anchor tags in a lot of different ways to enhance the user experience and help with conversions. Let’s explore.

Highlight Most Important Copy

Your copy conveys the benefits of your product/service. Use an anchor tag to direct users to the most important copy. Perhaps you want to direct your visitors to the section that outlines the benefits your products. Perhaps you want to share details about your offer. Decide which section of the copy you want to direct your visitors to, and place an anchor tag.

Lead them on to Your Lead Capture Form

The lead capture form is an important part of your landing page. After all, without a lead capture form, there’s no way of obtaining information about your prospects. You can use an anchor tag to make it easy for visitors to find the lead capture form and convert.

Take Visitors to Your CTA Button

The CTA button is the most important part of your page. This is where all the action happens. This is the window to generating leads for your business. You can use anchor links to take your visitors right to your CTA buttons. Make use of anchor links to persuade visitors into action.

Client Testimonials

Using client testimonials and case studies is a wonderful way to provide social proof and build credibility in your brand. Highlight customer testimonials and success stories using anchor tags to draw visitors’ attention.

Use Anchor Tags the Way You Want

There are many more ways you can use anchor tags to direct visitors’ attention and enhance conversions. Whether you are linking to a specific part of your page or a particular feature, anchor links can do wonders to the user experience you offer. Begin using anchor tags today with Marketing Rocket. Try it with our risk-free trial.


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