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How to create High Converting Facebook Ads in 3 Simple Steps

How to create High Converting Facebook Ads in 3 Simple Steps

One of the most common questions we get, is simply how to create a facebook ad! Its a really super simple process, but when deployed correctly with a proper marketing strategy it can offer industry leading cost per lead, and the ability to target with great clarity your target audience.

This blog will go through the whole process step by step, even for those who have never setup an ad campaign before.



Go to your Ads Manager on Facebook and click on "Create Ad"

Art4 Img1

STEP 1: Create your campaign

1- Choose your objective. By pointing your mouth on each objective, a precise description will appear.

Art4 Img2

We have selected the objective "Increase conversions on your website" for this example, as this is our goal.
2- Insert the URL of the page you want to promote
3- Create a conversion pixel (Facebook will generate a code automatically to put in your website that will lets you keep track of conversions). In our case, we will track the subscription to the blog.

Art4 Img3

STEP 2: Create your ad set

Who do you want your ads to reach?

Art4 Img4

1- You have the possibility to add a custom audience by adding telephone numbers, email addresses, Facebook ID ...
2- Add your targeted locations. You have a drop down menu that let you modify the distance around the selected location or to exclude this location, along with a radius distance of targeting location.
Art4 Img5
3- Select the minimum and the maximum age targeted.
4- Select the gender targeted.
5- Select the spoken language targeted.
6- "More demographics": You have other demographics possibilities in this menu as: relationship, education, work, ethnic affinity, generation, parents, politics and life events.
7- "Interests" let you choose a lot of categories in order to reach specific audience based on what people likes on Facebook.
8- "Behaviour" is to reach people based on purchase behaviors or intents, device usage, web browser, etc.
9- "Connections" is to target people who liked your page and their friends, exclude them, people who are going to your events, people who use your app, etc.

Every time you add or delete one of these 9 options, you will see your potential reach in the right sidebar named "Audience Definition":

Art4 Img6

How much do you want to spend?

Art4 Img7

Here you can set up:
- Your budget
- A schedule to set a start and an end date or let your ad run continuously
- Optimize your budget by clicks, reach or impressions
- Choose automatic or manual bid pricing. Using automatic will set your bid so that it's optimized to help you reach your objective. Using manual will let you pick a maximum bid.
- And name your ad set

STEP 3: Create your ad

Select the image you want to use (To create your own high converting images for your Ads you can visit this blog post that will teach you how to do it)

Art4 Img8

Add the text

Art4 Img9

1- Connect your Facebook if you want an ad in the newsfeed (desktop and mobile).
2- Choose a headline.
3- Add your text/description.
4- You can add a Call-to-action button for the newsfeed ads, as a "Download" button which will be placed at the bottom right of the ad.

Verify that all is good by checking the preview for each type of ad on the right side, click on place order and let's get a lot of leads, sales, money ... And follow your metrics!

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