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How to create High converting Images for your Ads

How to create High converting Images for your Ads

Good news, you don't need to be a professional graphic designer to create images for Facebook ads that convert! All what you need is the really cool tool I will present you in this article.

But, before discovering this tool together, it's important to understand what is a good image for Facebook ads.

1- Perfect representation of the message

First, a good Facebook ad isn't only a nice picture, it's a perfect representation of the message you want to send. The image has to match with the following points:
- The tagline
- The target
- The product, promotion or offer

The key is to create an image that is perfectly coordinated with these 3 points.
Let's take the example of our new software Marketing Rocket, which is a unique system to create successful marketing campaigns.

Art7 Img1
Because Marketing Rocket is software that helps marketers to realize marketing campaigns quickly and easily, we chase to represent a businessman in front of a full blackboard trying to figure out with all his formulas. This picture makes a lot of sense according to our product and the text, which is put before it.

2- Use of complementary and contrasting colours

The best to highlight an important point on your image is the use of complementary and contrasting colours. First, people will stop on your ad because of the attractive colours that will catch their eyes. But they will also clearly and quickly identify what you are talking about.

3- Add some text directly on the image

That is especially important for the call-to-action or a quick description. A lot of people will not read the ad copy before your image, they scroll down on their newsfeed without looking at the text. But if your image is good, their attention will be caught, they take a quick look at it and understand your offer only with the image.

Here's an example:

Art7 Img2
In this ad the user clearly identify what we are talking about with headline and subline. Also, you can see that the call-to-action "Learn more" catch the eye and pick curiosity with the contrasting red colour.

4- Two different fonts maximum

Simply because the use of a lot a fonts distract from the core message, it's not clear and not easy for the eye.

Now you know what's a good image for your ad, it's time to discover how to create them using by following our 4-steps instructions ...

Step 1:

Choose the design you want to work on.

Art7 Img3
Step 2:

Art7 Img4
On the left side, you have a lot of free options as:
- Images
- Layouts
- Texts
- Backgrounds

You also have the possibility to upload your own images and backgrounds. And if you don't find something interesting for you in the free options, you can buy others for a very low price.

Step 3:

Now you choose your design options you can start editing and make the image fit with your brand and your message.

Let's take an example and see what you can do ...

Here's the image from Canva free library we chase to customize:

Art7 Img5
By clicking on the search located in the left sidebar you have access to a large library of elements to include on your image like icons, charts, shapes, lines, etc.

Art7 Img6
Now you can add some of these elements plus some text and start to make your image fit with your needs.

By clicking on each element/text/image you will add or on each already added, a menu appears and you can modify colours, fonts, sizes, etc. There is also a drop down menu for more detailed options.

Art7 Img7
Step 4:

Once you're done and you have the perfect image you can upload it as image or a PDF. You can also share it directly from Canva on the social networks or by e-mail.

Art7 Img8
One last thing, if you need to create another ad for your campaign you can simply click on "Add a next page" at the bottom or copy the ad just created by clicking on the "copy icon" on the right side.


This is really useful to make multiples images and then choose the best one with your team, best of all its free, and has a great library of purchasable images!

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