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How to Generate More PPC Landing Page Traffic?



How to Generate More PPC Landing Page Traffic?

Pay Per Click advertising is a highly effective way to send some highly targeted traffic to your landing page. Owing to its capability of generating instant traffic, it’s high competitive and often expensive too. Here are some strategies that you can implement to generate more PPC landing page traffic without putting your budget at risk.


Not everyone who visitors your landing page will convert. There could be a variety of reasons they may not convert. What’s more, most of those people will never come back to your page.

Retargeting is a great solution in such situations. What is it? Retargeting is a PPC marketing strategy where you target people who visited your website earlier using banner ads.

You place a tracking cookie into browsers that reach your website. This cookie helps ensure that those visitors keep seeing your ads, and are reminded of the reason they visited your page previously.

When they revisit your website, they are much more prepared and highly likely to convert.

Bid on Your Competitor’s Branded Search Phrases

This is a great way to grab traffic that would usually reach your competitors.

If your product/service is similar to your competitors, people looking for them might be interested in your offering too.

By putting your brand in front of competitors’ prospective customers, you give yourself an opportunity to lure them in and giving them a chance to compare your offering before making a decision.

Be sure to set up your landing page appropriately, and you will capture not just your competition’s traffic but conversions too.

Track Conversions and Remove Ads that Don’t Deliver

It is essential to track, monitor and review your ad campaign’s performance to ensure you are maximising your ROI. If not, you will be wasting your money.

Do not hesitate to kill those ad campaigns that are not delivering conversions for you.

Even if some of your campaigns are leading to a lot of traffic, at the end of the day conversions matter. And if those ads are not converting, it’s time to dig deeper. Find out whether it’s the campaign that’s week or there’s something wrong with your landing page.

If the campaign is the issue, it’s time to stop it to ensure your money is being spent on campaigns that are delivering results.

In Conclusion

When you want to make the most of your PPC campaign, you need to be creative, be willing to experiment new ideas and remove anything that does not work in your favour. Give these tips a whirl and give your campaign an edge.


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