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How to Write Stellar Landing Page Copy



How to Write Stellar Landing Page Copy

You have decided to build a landing page to promote your product/service. You know what you want to offer your visitors, and the design is in progress. The only thing left now is to write some stellar copy that will persuade your visitors to convert.

You are gung ho, and all set to write. You are staring at the laptop, wondering where to begin and a thousand questions pop out. After a couple of hours, you are feeling frustrated about the process of writing and you’re wondering, “what kind of a heading will work? “should the copy be long or short?” “should I include a testimonial?” “what will persuade visitors to click on the buy button?”

Landing page copywriting may seem akin to driving on the highway with your eyes covered.

However, there’s a method to the madness. We bring to you some fantastic tips for writing compelling landing page copy. Let’s get started now, shall we?

Your Ideal Customer

Begin by having clarity about your target customer. Visualize that person. Begin with some basic demographics.

What does he do?

Male or female?

What is her age?

Married or single?


What does he drive?

Once you know who your ideal customer is, it’s time to determine what’s troubling them. Without knowing what they’re going through, it’s difficult to offer a solution.

Carry out face to face interviews, online polls, phone surveys or anything else that may help you to understand your ideal customer.

Begin with the End Goal in Mind

What do you want to achieve from your landing page?

What action do you want your visitors to take?

Do you want them to subscribe to a newsletter, sign up for your trial or buy your service?

Once you know what the end goal is, all you need to do is determine what kind of words will tempt your visitors to click on that CTA button?

What’s Your USP?

USP, short for unique value proposition, assures your visitors that they have landed on the right page and that your offer will solve their problem.

A USP is comprised of a headline and a subheading. Follow it up with a short bullet list or a brief blurb explaining the value your product offers.

Although your headline reflects the essence of your USP, you can reinforce your USP at other places on your page.

Anticipate and Answer Objections

Good copywriting is not just about persuading visitors.

You must be prepared to answer their biggest objections.

What sort of questions might your visitors have? Will they think your offer is expensive? Are they worried about the quality? Perhaps they don’t need what you’re offering?

Your copy should answer all the common objections your visitors might think of.

In Conclusion

The secret to a stellar landing page copy isn’t all about writing skills.

It’s about targeting the right customer and delivering a product they’ll love.

So have clarity about your target audience and write for them.


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