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How we increased our clients sales by over 67% using PAID traffic

How we increased our clients sales by over 67% using PAID traffic

In two words: Pixeled Traffic

Recently, a new metric has appeared in the digital marketing world: CPP (Cost Per Pixel). If you have been following the likes of Ryan Diess and his team at Digital Marketer, you would know that CPP is the cost to send users to your website in order to pixel them, that allows you to make very targeted offers to these users based on the specific pages they have visited.


This new process, which we couldn't wait to try out, helped us to increase one of our clients sales by over 67%.

The process is composed of 3 parts:
Part 1: Send traffic to content and Pixel them
Part 2: Retargeting your new Custom Audience
Part 3: Retargeting users based on Funnel Progress

Let’s discover how it worked for us, step by step...

Part 1: Send traffic to your content and track them

The first step of this process is to send traffic to content like blog post on your website and give to the audience the most relevant information. In the following example, you can see that the Facebook Ad (traffic) is sent to a blog post on the website.

Art1 Img1

The purpose of this ad is not a direct ROI at this moment but only to get visitors to the website and then pixel them. Now it’s quite easy to pixel this audience as we know that every person which have visited the blog post is interested in marketing strategies, so we can create a retargeting audience for this segment. 

Not sure how to setup a custom audience tracking pixel? Click here to read this first!

Step 2: Retargeting the pixeled audience

Thanks to Part 1 we now have created an audience interested in a specific topic. We now must use this pixeled audience to retarget a specific offer.

One of the best ways to do this is to create another ad for this audience in order to offer them something free and very relevant if they give us their email address (Lead Magnet). The Lead Magnet offer must be consumed in a short time and linked to a landing page, the offer can be something like: report, cheat sheet, toolkit, video training, software download, discount, quiz, survey, test, sales material.


Example Lead Page


Part 3: Retargeting users based on Funnel Progress

The final step of this process is to build a dynamic retargeting for each step of your funnel.

If we again, look at the example above, we have now sent traffic to a blog post on the website with a Facebook Ad. Then, with another ad, we have sent the audience of this blog post to our landing page offering them a irresistable offer relevant to our niche (that’s the first step of our funnel). We now add custom audience retargeting pixels to each stage of our funnel, so as someone heads throughout our funnel, they get added to the next stage of retargeting, and only the relevant advert is displayed depending on what we want them to do next.

Overall, this process increased our clients tripwire sales by 67%, and were now begining to deploy this across all our clients and own Marketing Processes!

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*Marketing Rocket Consulting is in no way affliated with Ryan Diess or Digital Marketer, however we do study, learn and follow many of the big marketing firms and trainers in order to seek out, and report on, the best marketing techniques being used in the industry today. All our clients specific funnels and content are under strict NDA's and as such images herein are example screenshots only.

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