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Time and time again we see fresh start-ups fumble their way into marketing the business they are relying to bring home the bacon….or……we see a business follow a typical strategy that has been posted again and again, providing nothing new to make that business stand out.



As an entrepreneur, you have limited time and resources. So you must make well-informed decisions that invite action and enable you to accomplish a few goals at once. Marketing Rocket has a simple marketing formula to help you and your business by leveraging what your business has to make a greater impact with your actions and re-engineering the momentum to realize long-term results.


Many start-ups start with confusion about what they are actually going to sell – Ist going to be a product that you have created? Is it going to be a product that someone else has created?

Selling a product that someone else has made can be a simple option, but a downside to you selling someone else's product is you're out of control from day one. They can shutdown the product and all the sudden you're back at square one.

Creating your own product to sell can fill the void, envoke emotions or just plainly provide the feeling of mere satisfaction….Ask yourself, what's one problem or issue someone will have before or after they use my product? For example, a personal trainer (who's product is the workout itself) could sell the workout clothes that their clients will need BEFORE they come into the gym. Likewise, they could sell their clients a diet program or supplements that they could use AFTER they leave the gym. Make sense?


Creating multiple products is the best approach and is one of the only ways to create a truly profitable business that you can scale.

One of the biggest mistakes new business owners make is only creating one product for their community. They believe that they can create a million dollar business by only solving one problem their followers have, but they don't realize how hard that is going to be.

Creating multiple products is so much easier than people make it out to be, and its the fastest way to instantly double your current business.


Quite simply….you need to nail your target market. Why try and sell ice to the eskimos when they already have an abundance of ice? Instead you want to create a low cost thermal outfit that will ensure they stay warm. It’s that simple!!


If you are in the game with a product concept that has taken years to develop…you may not want to read this!!

Production costs and viability are quite often the reason that a start-up will fail (apart from inadequate marketing support) so you need to consider the cheaper option that is easy to make and can be sold with huge profit margins.

One thing to remember: Your first product will be your worst. If you've never created a product like this before, the first time won't be easy, and it won't be pretty….but it doesn’t matter…what matters is the content!!

In today’s current climate creating digital copies of your dream product can be key in building a bank to get your business to the point of making the product your dream of.

The mediums you want to consider are:

eBooks: The secret is progress. Once you begin, it will all start to flow.

Audio Recordings: Any smartphone recording app will work. And if you don't have one, just go grab a decent USB microphone and plug it into your computer and get going. You might need a separate audio recording program, but there are plenty out there for free.

Videos: If you've decided to make a video product, there's 2 types you can make. You can record yourself, live, on screen, or you can record your voice overtop of what you're showing on your computer screen. Obviously, it depends what you're teaching your customers. 



Marketing Rocket is a flexible solution that is designed to work for you at a cost effective level…so you can never worry about spending hundreds, or even thousands on marketing solutions again. We aim to release M.R. at under the $100 mark, and in the spirit of the Open Source Community, don't plan to charge expensive compulsory ongoing fees. We simply want Marketing Rocket to prosper and grow into an essential tool for the Marketing Community.

At this point in development we have introduced the product to the crowdsourcing platform Indegogo so that we can enable the community to take part in seeing the product roll through its final stages and onto the open market.  Our Journey has taken us from idea to design and development of Marketing Rocket over the past year, and we're edging closer to being able to release our private beta soon. During this time we’ve built a team based on a wide variety of skills and experience. We want you to share our vision to bring affordable, effective and easy to use marketing systems to every business.




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