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There has been an overwhekming  response to our MARKETING FORMULA blogs both in part 1 and part 2.

Here is the final installment to help you ensure that your marketing funnel is complete and ready to roll.



This email series will be for new customers who have signed up to your site and the sole pupose is to engage them and provide leads for further sales.

You're going to do the following… over 5-10 days.

Welcome them to the program + thank them for buying

Tell them how to get access to their products

Help them get started implementing and using the product they purchased

Offer anything else you can to make them happy :-)


If you start selling things online, you're going to need a method to answer customer support emails.

Remember that email address you set up before? Use can start off by just using that to reply to customers.

It's easy, and it's free.

Just have some sort of system in place to let customers know how to contact you in case they have problems.


And now… you have a system.

A complete marketing funnel from start to finish.

The next step. Improving it.

At this point I would start creating my second product, while attempting to send traffic to my new squeeze page.

I normally start with Google Adwords or Facebook Advertising, because they're the fastest way to get visitors to your site, even if you have to spend $50-$100.

If you start sending traffic through your new funnel and things don't seem to be working as well as you

thought right away, here are the places I look to improve.

  • How is my Squeeze Page Converting?

If my squeeze page isn't converting at least 15% of my visitors into emailsubscribers, there is something wrong. Either my headline isn't good enough, orthe benefits aren't strong enough to convince the visitor to enter their email.

Strengthen your headline and the benefits on the page to increase your Opt-In %.

  • How is my Sales Pages Converting?

If not enough people are buying your product, the same principles apply.

Strengthen your offer to convince more people. Test a different price. Test a different headline. Add more benefits. Make them want the product even more.

  • Create more products

If you have more products to sell, you will make more money. Hands down.

It's the fastest way to turn a $100 customer into a $200 customer…instantly

doubling the performance of your new marketing funnel.

But… you have to create a second product.

Then a third. Then a fourth.

Just remember, each time you finish a new product…if done correctly, you should have just doubled your entire business.


  • Continue to add more emails to your follow-up sequence.
  • Continue to add products to offer your customers and email subscribers.
  • Continue to improve your Squeeze Page and Sales Page.
  • Continue to adjust and test your traffic sources, and make sure you're bringing the right kinds of traffic to your website.

If you focus on all these things… your business will eventually turn profitable with very little investment.

The moment this process works... the moment you can spend $50 on traffic and generate $50 or more in sales… you have a winner

Having a winner is the key!

A winning campaign means that you now have an unlimited budget to grow your business.



Marketing Rocket is a flexible solution that is designed to work for you at a cost effective level…so you can never worry about spending hundreds, or even thousands on marketing solutions again. We aim to release M.R. at under the $100 mark, and in the spirit of the Open Source Community, don't plan to charge expensive compulsory ongoing fees. We simply want Marketing Rocket to prosper and grow into an essential tool for the Marketing Community.

At this point in development we have introduced the product to the crowdsourcing platform Indegogo so that we can enable the community to take part in seeing the product roll through its final stages and onto the open market.  Our Journey has taken us from idea to design and development of Marketing Rocket over the past year, and we're edging closer to being able to release our private beta soon. During this time we’ve built a team based on a wide variety of skills and experience. We want you to share our vision to bring affordable, effective and easy to use marketing systems to every business.



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