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Marketing Rocket Reaches Alpha Testing

Marketing Rocket Reaches Alpha Testing

Its an exciting time for us here at the Marketing Rocket Team. We have just hit a significant milestone in development of our Online Marketing, Landing Page, Auto Responder and Lead Management Tool for the Joomla! CMS, and are now at Alpha Release. This means, that while the system needs some of those 'kinks' ironed out, we have a working installable platform to work with and test. This release is for our internal team and developers to test and analyse for now.

It is our goal that once the development reaches what we would consider 'Beta', that is, most major Alpha Release glitches are ironed out, we are going to 'limited' release to specific members and groups in the Joomla! Community for testing and analysis, in order to stress and push the limits of the Component before producing our initial Stable Release.

With that said, we have not even begun Launch and notification Procedures, which should commence once our Beta Release is ready, keep your eyes peeled, subscribe to our blog, and we will update you with information on how our release schedule is going, free marketing freebies, and the opportunity to join our 'Exclusive Beta Testing Program'.

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