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MARKETING SUCCESS and the ever so important CHECKLIST

MARKETING SUCCESS and the ever so important CHECKLIST


MARKETING SUCCESS and the ever so important CHECKLIST

Online marketing can be one of the most effective ways of marketing your business in the current financial landscape….well that’s what the general public are led to believe!!

A high percentage of ‘doers’ are guilty of jumping head first into online marketing and social media because their competitors are doing it. The focus of creating a driven campaign has been swept aside in the rush to get online and begin a dribblish ramble in the hope of going viral.

Marketing Rocket has spent countless hours researching Marketing Funnel techniques that help grow your business to get real sales, but only if you execute the checklist to help identify areas that may need attention in your marketing process.

  1. Do you currently have a website?
  2. Do you use paid advertising on Social Media or Google Adwords?
  3. Are you getting a stream of weekly enquiries on your website?
  4. Do you have a list of customers you market to frequently?
  5. Do you allocate resources monthly for marketing and promotion?
  6. Do you feel your website is generating an acceptable amount of business leads or sales to you monthly/weekly?
  7. Do you run any email marketing or newsletters to your customers/potential customers?
  8. Do you have an Automated Sales or Lead Generation Funnel you gather leads or make sales with?
  9. Do you offer anything free to your potential customers to entice them to do business with you?
  10. Do you check and monitor your website monthly and optimize to get the best results from the traffic you get?
  11. Do you have a blog, and write regular articles on your website?
  12. Do you promote and use social media each week?
  13. Does your website contain a strong marketing message to encourage customers to contact you or buy?

If you answered NO or UNKNOWN to 2 or more of these questions then you are in the ‘I need HELP’ boat. We offer industry leading Online Marketing Techniques that help you grow your business and get real sales, so don’t hesitate to contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Marketing Rocket is a flexible solution that is designed to work for you at a cost effective level…so you can never worry about spending hundreds, or even thousands on marketing solutions again. We aim to release M.R. at under the $100 mark, and in the spirit of the Open Source Community, don't plan to charge expensive compulsory ongoing fees. We simply want Marketing Rocket to prosper and grow into an essential tool for the Marketing Community.

At this point in development we have introduced the product to the crowdsourcing platform Indegogo so that we can enable the community to take part in seeing the product roll through its final stages and onto the open market.  Our Journey has taken us from idea to design and development of Marketing Rocket over the past year, and we're edging closer to being able to release our private beta soon. During this time we’ve built a team based on a wide variety of skills and experience. We want you to share our vision to bring affordable, effective and easy to use marketing systems to every business.




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