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Tools that Help Boost Your Business' Instagram Presence




Tools that Help Boost Your Business' Instagram Presence


Instagram is the most popular photo sharing social platform out there. About 70,000,000 photos are shared on Instagram daily.

That’s why every business worth its salt wants to make Instagram a part of its social media marketing strategy.

If you want to grab the attention of your Instagram audience, you will need an arsenal of high quality and highly creative images to help you stand out.

Here are some tools that can help you create a stellar presence on Instagram.

Hyperlapse for Instagram

Videos are a huge part of Instagram since video posts became a part of the feeds in 2013. The video length limit of 15 seconds poses a huge challenge. So do you stay brief while unleashing your creativity? Use Hyperlapse for Instagram, a standalone app from the photo sharing social platform. Create high quality, steady time lapse videos and enthrall your Instagram community.

You could show off event attendance, demonstrate a workout routine, show product demos, capture an event, give a hyper tour of your hotel/office, show off your city, or simply show the personality of your people.


Having a consistent presence is at the crux of an effective Instagram strategy. This calls for scheduling your photos so they are ready to be shared with your audience on an ongoing basis, be it once a day or once a week. Hootsuite is a wonderful scheduling tool that allows you to schedule your photos at regular intervals.


PicMonkey is a fascinating photo editing tool. You can either do a complete photo edit including resizing, cropping and colouring or do simple touch-ups such as whiten teeth, reduce shine and remove wrinkles among others.


Canva is a brilliant online graphic design tool that helps you create some stunning images exclusively for social media. Canva offers a built-in post template for Instagram that makes it easy for you to create new photos or edit any photos you like.

Insta Edit+

This is a hugely popular mobile app that can give your Instagram photos some unique personality. The app features more than 100 filters and effects for you to create some jaw-droppingly stunning images.

Repost for Instagram

Instagram is a photo sharing network in the truest sense. Say you like a photograph that you’d like to share with your audience, you can do so easily and quickly with Repost for Instagram.

This tool makes re-gramming a breeze and is one of the most popular tools for Instagram.

This tool comes really handy when you’re looking to share user-generated content. Whether you are running a campaign or simply browsing images, Repost for Instagram and other such apps makes it all easy.

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