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Tools that Help You Track Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns




Tools that Help You Track Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns


Are you keeping a track of your social media efforts? Do you know how to do that in order to maximise ROI? If you’re not already tracking your social media efforts, it’s not too difficult. Tracking your social media campaign is relatively easy. You simply must know what to look for.

Here’s a look at some wonderful tools that can help you track your social media marketing campaigns.


This browser add-on lets you look at keywords and stats of other users. Once you install this tool, the Riffle logo will show up against user names. Click on the logo to load up the metrics dashboard on the side of your screen.


Kissmetrics is a popular analytics platform that helps with enhancing your marketing ROI. You can use this tool to track individuals, a group of similar individuals, as well as your users.

You can track the ROI from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or any other social channel so you can assess the performance of each social platform.


This is a tool that measures applause rates, amplification rates as well as economic value. Once you connect all your social media profiles, the tool provides an overall score in the range of 0 to 100. This measures your influence on your audience. It also helps you understand the impact of each platform on your social media marketing efforts.


This tool helps you to measure in in-depth details the impact of a trend/brand on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You get access to an elaborate dashboard that tracks hashtags, campaign metrics and keywords in real time.

You can even leverage the data from Keyhole to help with your influencer outreach efforts.

Social Media Dashboard

This is another tool that helps you to measure economic values and applause rates for your campaigns. You can create several dashboards to visualise the overall performance on all the platforms. The best part about Social Media Dashboard is that you can see all metrics in one dashboard.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics needs no introduction. This is the most popular tool for measuring website traffic, but you can use it to measure particular social media metrics. You can use it to measure the value of traffic that’s coming from social media platforms. You can determine the behaviour of your visitors and track the conversion rates too.

A Final Word

There are several other social media tools you can consider to analyse your social media efforts. There’s not one particular must have software that comes recommended for social media marketers. As your focus becomes specific, some platforms will become much more crucial for your efforts.

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