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Why You Should Consider SnapChat Marketing in 2017

Why You Should Consider SnapChat Marketing in 2017

Why You Should Consider SnapChat Marketing in 2017

Social media marketing has seen a huge shift over the past year. Platforms like Twitter are not generating the traffic for marketers like they used to, while Facebook is making a comeback with paid advertising.

This shift has led marketers to look for greener pastures. With close to 200 million monthly active users, and an average of 2.5 billion snaps shared per day, no wonder that more and more marketers are now turning to Snapchat.

Here are some reasons you should consider marketing your business on Snapchat.


Snapchat has close to 158 million daily active users of which 73% are millennials, 70% are women and 71% are aged 25 or less. With over 9000 Snaps shared every second, the platform boasts of 10 billion daily views. What’s more, 60% of the users contribute content every day.

And get this, 76% of Snapchat users are online shoppers too. Now, that says a lot about the users of this hip and happening social platform.

If your target audience is the young, then undoubtedly, you can’t do without making Snapchat an active part of your social media marketing campaign.

Low competition

Almost every business that has a social presence is inevitably present on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

This means that there’s a huge competition for you already on these platforms. Even though Snapchat is increasingly becoming popular among marketers, the competition is far too low when compare to other platforms. So this is the right time to jump in and stand out.

Personable Presence

A major reason why social platforms have become so popular with brands is that they allow companies to reach out to their customers and prospective customers in a highly personal way. Snapchat is one platform that takes this personalization to another level.

Brands can make use of exclusive content to make their audience feel valued. A lot of the branded content on Snapchat is comprised of live video streams, which makes the brands a human touch and more personable.

It’s Unique

With Snapchat, you can reach your audience in a new way with new kind of content. Sample this. Snapchat’s arsenal of tools includes 10-second selfies, fun filters, Snaps, Stories and videos. Make use of emojis, unleash your creativity, use Snapchat messenger and a lot of other strategies to make the most of your presence on Snapchat.

Wrapping Up

There you go. Those are only some of the reasons to convince you to lap up Snapchat marketing before your competitors do. But there are several other benefits to Snapchat. Jump on the Snapchat marketing bandwagon before others catch up.

Start early and make the most of your presence. If you need to spruce up your landing pages, we have you covered. Marketing Rocket helps you create stunning landing pages in 20 minutes flat. Try it risk free today.

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