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Writing Stellar Copy for Your Landing Pages

Writing Stellar Copy for Your Landing Pages

Writing Stellar Copy for Your Landing Pages

Many marketers believe that their task is over once their landing page is live. That myth won’t serve you well at all. Digital marketing is all about proactive work. A successful landing page calls for constant, frequent and endless updates, and regular testing and retesting.

The same holds true for your landing page copy.

If you thought writing landing page copy was the easiest of all, think again. It’s not just about putting together some random words and your target keywords. There’s much to writing landing page copy.

Here are some tips to help you write stellar landing page copy.

Know Your Target Audience

Do you have a clear understanding of your target audience? Who is your ideal customer?

You can only deliver to your customer’s expectations when you know who they are and what their expectations are.

  • Are they male or female?
  • What age group do they fall in?
  • What is their annual income?
  • Are they married or single?

Once you have a clear understanding about your ideal customer, answer some crucial questions to help you write the copy.

What are they looking for? What do they not want in a product/service? How can my product/service deliver on their expectations?

Compelling Headline

Sure, your landing page design plays a huge role (need an easy solution for creating landing pages? Try Marketing Rocket today!), but the first thing your visitors look at is your headline.

Today’s users don’t read all of your content; they skim through.

So leverage your headline to your advantage.

Your headline must engage visitors with your message, and motivate them to take action (click on your CTA).

  • Make use of numbers. They are a good way to attract attention and build trust.
  • Use the psychology of emotions to your advantage.
  • Speak to your customers.

Focus on Benefits

Consumers today have endless options. They don’t care about your product. They buy something that helps provide a solution to their problems.

Focus on communicating the benefits your product can bring to your visitors rather than raving about its features. Your copy should present your product/service as a solution to their pain points.

In Conclusion

These 3 tips should help you write some suave copy for your landing page. Familiarise yourself with these killer techniques and over time (keep testing), you will see improved conversions and ROI with your concise, clear and value driven copy. 

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