DocumentationLearn how to use and master Marketing Rocket! Our software is designed to guide you through during use with helpful tooltips and step by step guides during API setups. Check the videos on each page of MR located at the bottom left of each menu item screen inside your Marketing Rocket Installation.


You can access the form builder under 'Landing Page Settings -> Form Builder.

The popup form editor can be found by switching the "Show Popup Form Layout" at the top of the editor ON.

NOTE: These options will ONLY be available if the Page Function is set to FORM. This option is found in Landing Settings -> Page Action Settings -> Primary Page Function

on 18/06/2015 by Eden Brownlee
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Marketing Rocket has been developed for the Joomla! CMS. And for now will not be ported Wordpress natively, but... we do have a number of Wordpress users who loving using Marketing Rocket for their marketing.... let me explain how:

Embedding forms on web pages is not really recommended practice these days in regards to Marketing, for example, if you use the Digital Marketer Website as an example: (these guys are basically Online Marketing Strategy Leaders and currently run the biggest Conversion & Marketing Conferences in the World), notice that any button you click such as "Like what you see, join us" or more specifically the "60 Second Blog Plan" (which you will find as a banner style link on the BLOG page of their website) offers a button or 'call to action' style image to click, which will take you to a landing page, this page will 'sell' the item you want them to opt in for, even if its a free opt in of some type.

As MR is designed to create these landing pages, the way we encourage integration (even on a Joomla site) is to have a call to action button or image like on the DM site, on your webpage. This then links to a Landing Page created by MR. To do this on wordpress you would just create your button as you normally would in wordpress, or insert an image or simple text link, and just link to the page URL created by MR on your sub domain.


Question 2: But I REALLY REALLY want a form on my wordpress page, is this ever going to be possible?

YES! We have a wordpress plugin you can install. check inside the MR package for WP_PLUGIN and install this into your wordpress installation.

Question 3: I want to sync users that register on my Wordpress with my Marketing Rocket Database, is this possible?

We are currently taking requests from our users on CRM integrations and bridges such as this, we have allocated development time to get these integrations done, with the highest requested integrations being developed first. If this is something you just MUST have, let us know, we are adding many integrations each week, and if its the difference between MR being useful for you or not, please contact us and let us know!

on 05/07/2015 by Eden Brownlee
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Simply, images over 1.5mb will not be displayed in the MR text box/inline editor 'browse server' option

The reason for this is that we have created a failsafe that will call images only if they are below the limit (1.5mb), this will accomodate all servers that have not properly increased that limit to work with larger files and CMS's. However, your very large files will not be able to be used.

Having said that, ideally you should not be using such large files on any webpage (especially a marketing page), as it will massivly increase your page load times. I would suggest no more than 100-150kb per image file maximum (thats for very large backgrounds files or complex images). To put it in perspective, our entire homepage on the MR website is only 750kb, including all assets, images, code etc, our maximum limit is twice that size.

Resolution: Resize your image to the exact dimensions you want to use on the page, then head to and drop any images you use into their web tool, and download an optimised version, this will save you considerable space. If possibly, you can also split the image into multiple images if it is very large, this will help your load times too so your visitors dont have to wait for the entire file to load first. :) We use the Kraken for the MR component assets and our MR website assets and it has optimised our site and component/template images considerably.

on 16/06/2015 by Eden Brownlee
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1. Log into your mailchimp
2. In the top left, click on your account name, a dropdown will appear and select 'account'.
3. Click on Extras -> API Keys
4. Scroll down and presss CREATE A KEY.
5. A new key will be created, select it in the API KEY box and copy it.
6. In Marketing Rocket, goto API List, and add a new API, paste your new key in the box, and add a title.
7. Press save.

Mailchimp is now setup. Please Note: We HIGHLY recommend you use Mandrill for your Mailing service, to utilise 100% of the auto responder functionality in Marketing Rocket, you will need to use mandrill, otherwise you will need to create your responders manually in mailchimp, as such, we cannot support this process. Also, by using mailchimp you will sacrifice much of the tracking and lead tagging abilities from users vising pages, as unfortunatly we cannot control Mailchimps auto responder linking and creation processes.

on 01/06/2015 by Eden Brownlee
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For flexibilitiy we have added two seperate ways to add your tracking or service codes in between the <head> tags.

  •  Add a code that will display on EVERY landing page you create.
    (perfect for Google Analytics codes, or other codes/services that are needed to track every page)

    To achieve this, do the following Steps:

    1. In you Joomla Installation goto Extensions -> Template Manager
    2. Select "Marketing Rocket - Default"
    3. Click on the 'Advanced Tab'
    3. In the "Header Code" box paste in the header code you wish to be added to every landing page.
    4. Press save, This code will now appear in all your landing pages!

    For more information on how to obtain your Google Analytics code, please head to:


  •  Add a code that will display only on a SINGLE Landing Page.
    (perfect for pixels or codes/services uses specifically on one single page in your funnel)

    1. Open the Landing Page editor for the page you want to paste the code in, for example, a Facebook Tracking Pixel.
    2. In the landing settings on the left, scroll down and find 'Header Code'
    3. In this box, paste in your code.
    4. Now Press Save.
    5. This code will now be inserted into the header of this specific landing page.
on 01/06/2015 by Eden Brownlee
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Yes, however if you wanted a custom URL for every page this would require a bit of work. It is ideal to just create a custom link to the first page in your funnel, then leave the defaults for the rest.

To create a custom link to a page, you can create a menu item on your site, when added to the 'marketing rocket' menu, this will not be displayed on the site itself, but will create a custom URL you can use to access the landing page.

Do the following steps:

  1. Log into your Joomla installation, and goto MENUS-> MARKETING ROCKET

  2. Click on NEW.

  3. Next to menu item type, click SELECT

  4. Click on Marketing Rocket -> Show One Landing Page

  5. Press select next to 'Select a Landing' and choose the landing page you want to link to.

  6. VERY IMPORTANT: Under Template Style -> Select "Marketing Rocket - Default", otherwise the landing page will embed in your default joomla template, you should always use the default MR template, as it contains certain code required to run various landing page features!

  7. Now Type in a Title, and press Save, notice the alias will automatically populate a Search Engine Friendly URL tail for you. (for example, "My Ebook Squeeze Page" would become "my-ebook-squeeze-page", you can change this alias or shorten it to whatever you like) Your example URL will now be
on 01/06/2015 by Eden Brownlee
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Yes this is very easy to do!


To just change the default /marketing-rocket/MYLANDINGPAGE to something more relative to your own brand or campaigns do the following steps:

1) Log into your Joomla installation, and goto MENUS-> MARKETING ROCKET

2) Click on the item "Marketing Rocket".

3) Change the item 'Alias: marketing-rocket' to whatever you would like to have in the url, Joomla will automatically modify the the URL to ensure that it is search engine friendly, so certain special characters will be removed.

4) Press save and close.


If your running Marketing Rocket on a SubDomain and not using it in a Joomla Installation for a website, you might want to remove the extra subfolder /marketing-rocket/LANDINGPAGE all together so its just /LANDINGPAGE.

This is very easy to do.

1) Log into your Joomla installation, and goto MENUS-> MARKETING ROCKET

2) Next to the item "Marketing Rocket" press the STAR (Default item).

3) The star should turn Yellow, to indicate this item is default.

4) All done, your pages will now display at "SUBDOMAIN.YOURDOMAIN.COM/LANDINGPAGENAME

on 01/06/2015 by Eden Brownlee
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