DocumentationLearn how to use and master Marketing Rocket! Our software is designed to guide you through during use with helpful tooltips and step by step guides during API setups. Check the videos on each page of MR located at the bottom left of each menu item screen inside your Marketing Rocket Installation.

Overview & Getting Started


Welcome to Marketing Rocket, often referred to on this site as MR. This tool to doesn't just allow you to quickly create and manage your Landing Pages, but it is also provides an auto-responder, it can manage your entire marketing funnel and automate a large portion of your business.

We are really excited to show you what Marketing Rocket can do for your business.  If you see any gaps in this documentation or something that is not explained well then please let us know and we will update the documentation in due course. It is currently in the process of a totally re-write, yes it is being done over time.


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If you have any specific support enquiries or experience any issues please raise a support ticket by logging in with your email address and password, then select the 'Support' menu item, and the 'Support Request' option. 





The overview video will give you a quick overview of some of Marketing Rockets Features, and point you in the right direction to get started.  Marketing Rocket excels at creating beginner to advanced high converting Automated Sales Funnels.  The 5 Core features include:

  1. Campain Wizard
  2. Landing Page Creator
  3. E-mail Autoresponders
  4. Lead Management (add notes and tag them too)
  5. API integrations (links to other tools)


* Note: Marketing Rocket is in a huge growth period, and the information you find in this video is subject to change at any time. We will do our best during this time to keep the videos and documentation as up to date as possible.





Marketing Rocket is an all in one sales automation tool for business owners and marketing consultants.

5 Core Features:

Campaign Wizard - Create complex and highly successful marketing campaigns easily.  Our Campaign 'Wizard' has been designed to deploy entire marketing campaigns with just a few minutes.  So far it has been the most talked about feature of our amazing software.

Landing Page Creator - to create beautiful mobile responsive Landing Pages in just minutes, using our custom drag and drop editor.  This gives you near unlimited flexibility in your designs, along with adding opt-in forms and setting certain events to trigger when the leads submits their details.

E-mail Auto-responders- Create auto E-mail responders that will fire off when actions are taken on you Landing Pages.  Our SparkPost integration provides Marketing Rocket users with the deliverability and scaleability and the speed of SparkPosts E-mail delivery platform free of charge.  We chose to integrate with SparkPost because it is a world leader in mail delivery systems and serves around 25% of all legitimate E-mails sent today.  They boast an impressive array of customers, such as Facebook, Paypal, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Groupon, Twitter, Comcast, Salesforce, Oracle, Zillow and many more.  Due to our partnership with SparkPost Marketing Rocket users can send to up to 10,000 free E-mails per month.  We have also secured exclusive pricing only available to Marketing Rocket users, giving you unprecedented access to enterprise grade email delivery without the price tag.

Lead Management - Our light CRM function allows you to see all the data a lead has submitted to you on forms have you added in Marketing Rocket.  You can also add notes to a lead, see their progress in campaigns and also tag them in order to track progress and set them on new paths in other relevant campaigns.

API integrations - - SparkPost (includes 10,000 free emails per month), Mandrill, Mailchimp, Google Hangouts, PayPal, VirtueMart, Hikashop, Akeeba Subscriptions, Membership Pro and more.