DocumentationLearn how to use and master Marketing Rocket! Our software is designed to guide you through during use with helpful tooltips and step by step guides during API setups. Check the videos on each page of MR located at the bottom left of each menu item screen inside your Marketing Rocket Installation.

Campaign Visualiser

The Campaign Visualiser

Watch the Video Version of this Documentation Below:

The campaign visualiser shows you a nice visual representation of a campaigns structure.

It shows you from left to right, the series of linked pages in your current campaign setup (if any), any unlinked pages that are not currently connected to the funnel, will sit down the bottom. These unlinked pages can be dragged into the 'drop zone' in order to link them to the end of your funnel quickly.

When you drop a page you will be asked to answer a simple question as to how to link this new page:

1) Set this landing as target of "" landing page for me: This will add your new page to the previous pages settings as the next page in its sequence.

2) I connected this page in somewhere (eg in responder): This is used if you dont have a direct link from your last page to this one (for example if your using a third party link or URL for sales), but you have started a new auto responder sequence to your list, and this is where the funnel will resume from.


This visualiser also gives you quick access to your pages and auto responders, just simply click on the item to be taken to its edit page instantly!


Note: At MR we're very excited to announce that this page has a slew of updates going on with our developers at the moment, soon you will be able to manage alot more from this page, including shuffling your pages around, adding auto responders and more!