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Sparkpost and Sending Domains

Upon sending your emails, you must use a send domain that is verified with sparkpost.

Let me explain how this works.

If you have added a send domain in sparkpost of In you "from Email' address, you MUST put an address that is from as this is the only email domain that is verified to send emails using sparkpost.

To send from other domains, you will need to add them by logging into sparkpost and goto to accounts -> Sending domains. Then you must verify the domain using DKIM as per our setup documentation.

You cannot setup @gmail or shared email domains using sparkpost, having said that we advise strongly against using them for your Marketing Endeavours where posible.

Please read the following article on our blog for important information relating to the topic of using shared domains (@hotmail, @gmail etc) for business:


on 26/04/2016 by Eden Brownlee
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